• James Donald

Incredible Talent with a Helicopter theme.

Incredible talent comes in many forms. Non more than that of Liam Studd. Liam is an Engineer with NHV in Aberdeen and we met virtually through LinkedIn when I came across his incredible drawings.

Liam has a clear talent for drawing. Liam says "I've always been into making or creating just about anything out of just about anything" however like so many, this passion was subdued, no thanks to poor guidance from people he relied on. Fortunately for us, the industry not only has a great engineer helping maintain aircraft but also a formidable artist with great skills who can create and share amazing pieces for those with a passion for aviation.

After having his enthusiasm was quashed for some time, he decided to take up drawing again in 2018 and started with a B17 bomber and progressed impressively from there. It has to be said, that it's not just aviation that he draws but cars and motorbikes as well, which are just as detailed and impressive as these helicopters that he has drawn. The attention to detail and the way he captures the essence of these amazing machines shows incredible talent.

If you are interested in getting copys of his amazing artwork, then contact him on LinkedIn to find out more. or drop us an email to

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