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Finding the BEST of the BEST.

Finding the right person for a job in any industry is difficult. Especially so in the aviation industry which is so heavily regulated and comes with some many licenses and permits to enable one to operate and do the job. For HR departments this is hard. It involves a lot of time creating adverts in the hope that they will be seen, reviewing resumes and candidates, assessing their credibility, interviewing them to see if they are a fit for the organisation and the role that they are applied for. What if there was an easier way for companies to find the right people for the roles that they need filled, whilst also having a higher than average success rate with that candidate.

More often than not, companies miss out on great opportunities to find the right person. It is not always the person that is actively seeking a role but also the passive candidate who may not be aware of an opportunity that is better for them outside of the role they are in. Surely this is something that companies should consider when building the best team.

An interesting article in HR Magazine highlights the benefits of this option for companies and consideration should be given to what best fits an organisations strategy when it comes to hiring the right person with the right skillset. Check out the article below if you are interested in this perspective.

Both Passive and Active candidates should be considered when trying to find the BEST for an organisation and if this is the case, then we are here to help save you the time to find the BEST person. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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